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All-Round Egg Shaped Cloud Pillow Soft Bed Pillow Nursing Pillow

All-Round Egg Shaped Cloud Pillow Soft Bed Pillow Nursing Pillow

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• Ergonomic Design :The egg-shaped design of this pillow provides optimal support for the head and neck, promoting a healthy posture while sleeping.

• Memory Foam Material :Made from 100% polyester, this pillow offers a soft and comfortable feel, adapting to your body's shape for enhanced comfort.

• Versatile Use :Perfect for nursing or everyday use, this pillow can be used in any sleeping position, ensuring a relaxing sleep experience.

• Lightweight and Portable :Weighing between 0-0.5 kg, this pillow is easy to carry and move around, making it ideal for those who often change sleeping positions.

• Seamless Set :This product comes as a single piece, eliminating the need for additional purchases and providing a seamless sleeping experience. 

Soft and comfortable pillow

Micro-beads to conform to your shape

Allows a good night sleep every time

Keeps you cool

Super supportive

Lightweight and portable

Fits almost any standard pillowcase

Machine washable


High elastic polyester spandex, fabric feel soft close skin breathe freely, filling compressive foam particles(tiny particles diameter less than 5mm) and the cover can be take off and wash in the washing machine.

With this soft and comfortable all-round sleep pillow, you'll be feel you've set it down on a soft cloud of comfortable material that can support your head, neck, and shoulders throughout the night .

Egg groove design, it holds and supports your head and neck at an height for sleep. Also, the higher curves that surround this groove will help keep your head and neck in this position so they don't wiggle about and become stiff or sore.

Well-ventilated breathable and insulation, it won't make you hot and sweaty while you sleep.

The sleep pillow fits any sleeping position, will accommodate side sleepers and stomach sleepers, when you've laid down and chosen your sleeping position, the pillow will begin to gently conform to the shape of your head and upper body.



Pillow fabric: Pure cotton

Color: White/Blue/Grey/Dark grey

Filler: 100% slow rebound material

Pillow height:10.1-15cm

Size:44x25x10 cm

Package Includes:1 Piece All-round Sleep Pillow

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