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Bamboo Sofa Clip Couches Arm Side Table

Bamboo Sofa Clip Couches Arm Side Table

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  • Make Life Easier - The couch arm table easy access to remote control, drinks, snacks, phone, etc., very suitable for people who don't want to move around.
  • Space-Saving Design - This sofa arm tray clip on sofa tables can create a stable table in a few seconds, bid farewell to your huge side table, especially suitable for limited space.
  • Armrest Shape Versatility - The sofa arm table size of the opening angle of the splint can be adjusted, so that the sofa table can adapt to the sofa armrests of different shapes and within 12.8 inches in width to meet the needs of different scenes.(Measure the armrests of your couch arms wide before purchasing)
  • 360° Rotating Bracket - Our couch arm tray table with a 360° rotating bracket, the sofa arm tray table can satisfy your needs for watching videos on mobile phones and tablets from all angles, and enhance the practicability of this sofa table tray.
  • Double Protection Design - Afraid of shaking the desktop? The sofa arm clip on table high-quality hinges and non-slip silicone at the bottom guarantee stability during use and are not easy to shake. The double protection guarantees that you can rest assured that you can put your drink on the couch table.

Product Description

Product Features

  • This bamboo couch tray can conveniently place your drinks, remote controls, glasses, phones, etc., firmly clamped on the armrest of your sofa without shaking, preventing things from falling on the seat or under the gap of the seat cushion.
  • Natural solid bamboo sofa tray, waterproof and easy to clean, you can rest assured that the drink or fruit is on the tray.
  • The bracket has a 360 degree rotation function. No matter what angle you need the bracket to be used, with a slight rotation, an ergonomic bracket is ready for your viewing angle.
  • High quality custom metal hinges ensure you can use with complete confidence, without fear of sudden product failure, the two legs have enough clamping force to grasp the armrest of the sofa.
  • After folding, the thickness of the product becomes thinner. The thickness of the product when folded without the bracket is 1.7 inches, and the thickness when folded with the bracket is 2.4 inches.

High-quality Hinges

High-quality hinge, ensure product stability in use, say goodbye to shake!

Non-slip Silicone

A large area of non-slip silicone that holds onto your sofa, making it impossible for your drink to slip

Ample Groove Width

The 0.6 inch slot is wide enough to fit into a phone or tablet, even with a leather case

Solid Bamboo Material

The whole product uses solid natural bamboo, which is healthy to the touch from nature

Best Gifts for Family, Parents and Friends in Father Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas etc. Festivals !

Material Bamboo Bamboo Bamboo Bamboo Bamboo Bamboo
Color Black Black Natural Natural Natural Natural
Display Length 15.3 inch 11.8 inch 15.75 inch 39 inch 15.3 inch 11.8 inch
Display Width 9.8 inch 9.8 inch 15.75 inch 9.9 inch 9.8 inch 9.8 inch
Display Height 0.8 inch 0.8 inch 23.8 inch 29.53 inch 0.8 inch 0.8 inch
Features With 360° rotating phone holder/Waterproof With 360° rotating phone holder/Waterproof Round edges/Waterproof Round edges/Waterproof With 360° rotating phone holder/Waterproof With 360° rotating phone holder/Waterproof
Applicable scene Living-Room/Bedroom/ Outdoor Living-Room/Bedroom/ Outdoor Living-Room/Bedroom/Bathroom/Bedside Living-Room/Bedroom/Bathroom/Entryway Living-Room/Bedroom/ Outdoor Living-Room/Bedroom/ Outdoor
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